Creative DIGITAL


Photography has evolved into a new generation where millions of digital pixels rapidly extends the creative possibility. Creative Digital is a unique blend of art and direction that combines photography and Photoshop to construct a creative masterpiece.

I started out using film and remember the days when there was no room for error;  I found this was the best way to fully understand the technical parameters of photography as I would take extra steps to ensure everything is correct before taking a shot. Digital cameras allows me to check I have done all this correctly as the back screen lets me see the shot. I’m grateful for the journey from film to digital as my understanding of photography has grown together with my passion to go creative.

Photoshop creates new possibilities and allows me to take that creative step. One thing that has change in a major way is that I tend to spend more time on my computer than behind my camera. I do miss that but welcome the ability to construct something unique, creative and impressive. It’s time consuming, but the results are worth it. Check out some of my work below:

The Hitman Movie Poster for Birthday Gift

A large print for a birthday gift to reflect a movie advertisement poster. The main picture was captured in a studio style shoot in a pose to later transpose where the foot is resting on a crate of explosives. For the background I took a photo of run down alley behind some shops and amend the colour balance. I blended in two hot actresses, grenade, rifle, the crate and a tiger. For the final effect, the movie using movie fonts, logos and format. A unique piece that is custom made and put together with my creativity.


 Walking through a poppy field

The picture of the young girl was taken separately in a studio and the field was an old photo I re-used. Some background objects were removed and extra poppies were added and swayed in the direction of the wind. A lens flare was added to create a bright sunny day and the clouds were added with an extended tonal range replacing a dull flat landscape. A special grass brush was used to clone stamp across at the bottom of the dress.

Anne Geddes Inspiration 

Known for her stylised depictions of babies and motherhood, Anne Geddes was a great inspiration to create a something truly special when it came to my own daughter.





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